04 March, 2009

Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri - Palawan

After our very hectic day of touring the Underground River and the Island of Sabang, we went back to Puerto Pension to rest a bit. Afterwards, my friends and I decided to go to Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri (Coffee & Gallery) to buy some pasalubong (keepsakes).

Just so you all know, please note that Kamarikutan is strict when it comes to its no picture-taking policy. Thus, when we were there, we refrained from taking pictures of any artworks. I did snap some photos though of how it looked like.

While lounging in one of its chairs, I was so tired from the day's activities I actually dozed off! To counter our sleepiness, we decided to order drinks. My friends ordered coffee but since my definition of coffee is limited to just frappes and Kamarikutan did not have it, I opted for Chilled Honey Pandan. It was something new for me as I knew Pandan is used to add fragrance when cooking rice but I did not know it could be made into a drink.

It tasted good. It was served really cold too so it was really refreshing.

When we left the place, I only bought some pens and a refrigerator magnet for the other items were very expensive. I forgot to take pictures of what I bought though before I gave them to my friends. Too bad.

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