21 April, 2009

A leisurely walk at Camp John Hay

We woke up early. Or rather, I woke up early as my friends may have had too much to drink the night before or were just tired that I did not feel them stir until nearly 8:00 AM. I just thus stayed in bed, reading the book I brought with me.

When everyone’s already awake, we decided to go for a walk around Camp John Hay. I love the garden of my friend’s neighbor!

And I love these tree shots too.

This one is a shot of a sculpture of an imitation of Our Lady of Liberty. By then, I was so tired of walking that I did not climb up to get a closer shot and instead opted to just use my camera’s zoom.

We had been to the Cemetery of Negativism too, which I will blog about later.

And among the many beautiful resthouses we saw, this one stood out. It was just very pretty!

A random shot taken during this walk is posted below. It's from the restaurant where we later had our lunch in.

It was a relaxing walk, albeit kind of tiring. Or maybe it’s just the old me talking. Ha ha ha!

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  1. i think i want to got there now. manila weather is getting erratic these days.