23 April, 2009

Cemetery of Negativism

The Cemetery of Negativism is located in Camp John Hay in Baguio and is unlike any other cemetery I've been to for one will not find human remains here, just "frailties" that inhibit a person's growth.

I just find it very interesting to see a “cemetery” like this. But it made me ponder too on what my negativism is. And after much thought, I decided to blog about it HERE.

Truly, each one of us has that infliction, that limiting factor that hampers our growth not just as an individual but as valuable members of our society.

More than a year after I posted my Negativism blog, I think I have made some progress. Still, I wage an ongoing war with some, especially with the parts of me that have something to do with my having tons of pride and stubbornness. What can I say, they make part of who I am. I am a work in progress too thus struggles like this are just part of my journey for a better me.

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