14 April, 2009


I've always wanted to go to Baguio City, the Philippines' summer capital, which is also known as the City of Pines. Growing up in the province and only seeing Baguio on television screens and Philippine movies and reading about it in the papers, I have thus, for the longest time, yearned to see this place.

The opportunity came when in December 2007, I was invited to go to Baguio by two of my friends, one of whom was really from Baguio. My other friend was based in Manila and had a car so we did not commute and instead had a relaxing drive in going there. I enjoyed the scenery, especially when we were nearing Baguio. But I wasn't into blogging yet then so I did not take much photos.

We arrived in Baguio at past 2:00 PM, just in time for lunch. My friend decided on where to eat as he'd been to Baguio many times. A seasoned traveler, he always knew the places to go to in most places in the country.

He chose PNKY Cafe, saying that it was one of the best restaurants in all of Baguio for him. Ambiance-wise, the place was quaint and pretty. And their food was great. As I said though, I wasn't into blogging then so I wasn't able to take pictures of my meal or jot down notes of what I ate. Too bad. I do remember ordering some kind of fish fillet though that had Nemo in its menu name (I just did some online research and found out the exact name of what I ate. It's Nemo's Friend and it's pan fried fish fillet with lemon butter sauce. For my online source, click HERE.

I also got fascinated with the water they served. The glass jar was pretty and it had what I believe to be oregano leaves in them. Cool.

Afterwards, my friend and I had some coffee, al fresco, while waiting for our Baguio-based friend to meet us. Their coffee was also good. But of course I, again, was not able to take any pictures.

PNKY is located in 13 Leonard Road, Baguio City, Philippines. You may contact them through (+6374) 446-7094 or (+6374) 444-6418. You can also send them an email through pnky@pldtdsl.net For more information, please click on their official website.


  1. i have half the heart to just get on a bus and go to baguio. it's too hot here!

  2. hi there, have not been to this place when i was in baguio. got an award for you at http://sweetcarnation.blogspot.com/2009/04/awards-from-desert.html