13 April, 2009

"Attach it!"

I had this amusing phone call to perk me up today. It was my first phone call, actually, and it occurred just in time to awaken my senses that had dulled a bit from four relaxed days of just doing nothing during my Holy Week break.
Caller: Ma'am, I just would like to ask if you give contracted rates to travel agencies?

Me: Yes, we do, Sir. Where is your office located?

Caller: In Cubao, Quezon City.

Me: I see. Please send a formal letter of request together with your business permit. For speedier processing, please send a Department of Tourism (DOT) or International Air Transport Association (IATA) accreditation.

Caller: Who will I attach it to, Ma'am?

Me: You mean "address it to?" Please address it to Ms. _____.

Caller: No, I mean attach.

Me: (saying nothing for fear that the call will drag on if I contradict him). Please fax it over to _____. Thank you.
After the call, I grinned. I did try to suppress a giggle and when my boss saw my heaving shoulders, she asked me why I was laughing. I told her and both of us burst out giggling.

Really, you're gonna attach the required documents to my colleague? LOL.


  1. great way to start off the work week! people are funny! hope your easter was good!

  2. Hey, J. Nice to see you here. Happy Easter! :)