16 September, 2012

Oslob to Dalaguete

Dalaguete is three towns away from Oslob and the last stop of our Sumilon - Oslob - Dalaguete 2012 summer getaway.  Our  main reason for going here was that it is the entry point to Mantalongon where Osmena Peak (the highest point of Cebu) is.

To get there, we arranged for our transportation with the tricycle driver who picked us up from Sumilon to bring us to our Oslob accommodations.  We were surprised though when the following day, it was his father who showed up.  "All my children wanted me to just rest as they think I am too old to drive.  They did not know that I feel I am getting older and weaker if I do not do anything," he replied in the vernacular when I asked him why it was him who picked us up from our Oslob accommodations to bring us to Dalaguete.  

To anyone who wanted to follow our itinerary, I suggest you do the same as transportation is very difficult to get  and arrange in this part of Cebu.  You might balk at riding a tricycle but it is actually more convenient that waiting for buses that ply these route since buses have a schedule and a fixed route so it won't drop you off and wait for you while you take pictures of the areas' tourist attraction.

Oslob to Dalaguete is about an hour of travel via tricycle.  Cost is at Php 1,500.00 but this already included tours of Oslob's churchruins and cuartel as well as of Boljoon Church, Escuela Catolica, Bell Tower and Plaza Bermejo.

Below is the picture of Manong.  Sorry for the photo quality as I took this as he was about to leave.   

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