03 August, 2012

Oslob Accommodations

Continuing my Sumilon Island, Oslob and Dalaguete summer adventure thread, I will now move on to our Oslob adventures.

It was 'nong Tallo, my Oslob contact person, who became my hero for anything Oslob-related.  He arranged for a tricycle for the five of us for our transfers from Bancogon to our Oslob accommodations.  This cost us Php200.00.  A tip to those who would like to  follow our itinerary:  Make sure that you already arranged for your transportation as come night time, there are too few or worse, no available tricycle or multi-cab that ply the streets of Oslob.

Since Oslob too is not yet a developed tourist area, finding an acceptable accommodation was very difficult.  I did some online search but there were no helpful contact numbers or web and blog sites.  Thankfully, we have one staff in Plantation Bay who is from Oslob and her uncle, Tallo, happened to be a town official so he knows everything about Oslob and was the one who arranged everything for us.

Our accommodations were pretty basic.  Below is a photo of our room.  Pardon the quality as this was taken when I woke up at 5:30 AM and it was still pretty dark.

Inside, there was a small bed, mismatched bedsheets and blankets and towels (one was green and the other was blue) and the toilet and the bathroom areas were kind of cramped.  The furnishing was just one plastic red table and two chairs.   

As it was also new, there was an ongoing construction, which woke me up very early in the morning.

At Php1,750.00 per room per night, it was kind of expensive, especially since they also charge an extra Php400 for the mattress but then  the best thing about our accommodations was its location.  The registration and the briefing area for whaleshark-watching were just right in front of it.  

That and the fact that the people there were all friendly and helpful, which is typical of those from the province.

As our accommodations were newly established, it didn't have a name yet.  For inquiries, please send me a private message as I do not want to publish 'nong Tallo's contact details.

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