19 August, 2012

Lacoste Black Iris Large Shopping Bag

It's a long weekend and I'm loving it!  For the past week, my friend and I had been planning on watching The Bourne Legacy.  As we have a half-day work every Saturday, we decided to just do it today.

I arrived early and the mall was not yet open so I decided to have breakfast at Starbucks.  When my friend finally arrived, we headed to the cinema but Bourne Legacy would not be shown until 1:20 PM so we decided to go on a stroll to kill time.

And that's when the impulsive shopper in me gave in (for the nth time!) to my being a bagaholic.  

Here's my new loot, with the picture clearer than the first one as this is taken from the brand's official website.

It's the Black Iris Large Shopping Bag in Light Navy Blue from Lacoste, made of PVC leather and measures 37 x 30 and 5 x 20 centimeter.  

Here's a photo of the entire package that it came in.

I love that I was provided with its own cloth bag (the wrinkled one in the pic) as this comes in handy in storing my new bag.  It protects it too from dust.  

What I love about this bag is that it's the perfect size for traveling.  I can put in here my laptop, camera, makeup kit, jotter and pencil case and still have room to spare for a novel or a quick change of clothes.  It also has two inside pockets and a zip pocket that are great for organizing my stuff.  It is also stain-proof, as its care instructions tag shows.  

Pardon me for posting the above as I often misplace or throw away such tags that once I ended up washing a non-washable pair of shoes as I forgot its care instructions.

I must admit though that I was initially torn between buying this or a Longchamp but then I remember the many imitations of the latter and so I decided against buying it.

I was actually a little guilt stricken when I got home and saw my newly bought bags from my recent trip to the US but when I thought of how big the Black Iris bag is that it can even fit my laptop and other necessities and of how easy it is to maintain as it's stain-proof, I felt better.

Oh well, I guess a lady just can't have enough bags.  Te he.

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