02 August, 2012

Shots of Sumilon Island's Pools

When my friends decided to go snorkeling, I opted to stroll around the island as I did not want to swim in the salty sea.  But the water, albeit the freshwater one, still beckoned so I ended up swimming on the resort's pool.

This is another downside of the resort as the pool was too small.  Funny that a staff shared that it's an 'infinity' pool when it already got too crowded when about 10 guests simultaneously went swimming on it.

Aside from the main pool, there were also two smaller ones that I was told were jacuzzis but the jacuzzi was not running when I was there.

As the main pool was right across the Pavilion and visible to many guests, I ended up swimming in the two smaller ones for privacy reasons.  On the latter was where I took my favorite shot of that bird amidst a sea of colorful bougainvilleas.

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