03 August, 2012

Home-Cooked Dinner at Oslob

Another tip to those who will stay overnight in Oslob:  Make sure you arrange for your dinner meals as come 6 PM, carinderias (stalls selling cooked food) are already closed and restaurants are about fifteen to twenty minutes away as they are mostly in the town proper.  It's a really sleepy town, you see, where come night time, almost everyone is home the moment darkness settles.

We arrived in our accommodations at around 7 PM and again, it was 'nong Tallo who saved us from our predicament of what to eat for dinner.  He called some local ladies who were selling freshly caught fish and arranged for it to be cooked.  I'm not really familiar with fish (I only know milkfish, tilapia and tanguigue) so I do not know what this fish is called.

We found the fish too big for us so we only bought half of it and asked that it be cooked three-ways:  sinabawan, kinilaw and inihaw.

Sinabawang Isda served us our soup.  It was cooked the way we do so at home.

The kinilaw was my favorite of the three.

But the grilled or inihaw part of the fish was just as good.

This meal cost us Php125.00 per person and included the cost of the fish, labor fee for Manang for her cooking of the fish, rice and two 1.5 liters of coke.  Not bad, eh?

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