02 August, 2012

Bird-watching at Sumilon Island

While I shared that I was disappointed at not seeing any birds during our trek of the island as I only heard bird calls, I was happy to later find out otherwise.  

The first birds I saw were small and black and very noisy.  I am not sure what they're called though.

Then I found this pigeon, which was the most difficult to photograph among them as it would walk away fast at the tiniest detection of movement.  I chased it for maybe 10 minutes and took about a dozen photographs before getting an acceptable, not blurry one.

Then there's this shot I took while I was having a massage.  Yup, I took this while I was lying face down and having my back kneaded.

I actually have a favorite shot of a bird among a colorful sea of flowers  but I will cover that in my next post.

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