01 August, 2012

And We're Off to Sumilon Island

Heaven must be smiling down on us during this particular trip as when we arrived in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort's Bancogon briefing area, we were told that the 9:30 AM second trip has not yet departed.  Hurrah for us as this means we would be able to enjoy the island at a longer time.

After paying the Php1,500.00 day tour fee, we were briefed by a resort staff on the inclusions of our package and on the activities that awaited us in the island.  As the boat was waiting for us, the staff did all this in a rush but we did not mind.

Here's a photo of where we had our briefing taken while onboard the boat that would take us to Sumilon Island.

And here are more photos of the scenery I took during our thirty-minute boat ride.

It was a good day to be out in the sea.  The water's a vivid blue, tempting us to go on a dip.

But of course, we had to wait until we reached the island, which could already be seen from where we where.

Despite the good view, I must say that there's one thing that annoyed me while onboard the boat.  Oh, make that two.  One was that the boatmen where not service-oriented at all that they did not even offer to carry our bags and some even continued sitting, just watching us when we boarded the rocking boat.  Lastly, I did not like the fact that we were in the boat along with the resort's supplies.  Read that as seeing chicken and other meat in an uncovered thermochest.  Ugh!

Here's a photo of the boatmen unloading the resort's supplies when we docked in the island.

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