01 August, 2012

Cebu City to Sumilon Island

This trip actually happened from May 17 to 19, 2012 but I only get to blog about this now as in June, I was in the US for a business trip and when I came back to Cebu, I got busy with all my pending work so my blog was again relegated to the sidelines.

To continue, Sumilon Island is located off the southeast coast of the Municipality of Oslob, Cebu.  It is a three-hour drive from Cebu City.  

As my four friends were all yet to arrive from Manila via Cebu Pacific arriving at 5:40 AM, I had to first pick them up at the airport.  We then rode a taxi going to South Terminal where we had to pay Php10.00 for the  taxi to enter the terminal and once inside, a terminal fee of Php25.00 per person before getting on a bus that will take us to Sumilon.

Originally, we wanted to take a Ceres bus but since it's at the farthest end of of the terminal and we were not too keen on lugging all our bags getting there, we settled for Sunrays'.  

Here's a photo of the bus.

Special thanks to the driver and the conductor who had been very patient with us  and our questions.  We were actually the last ones to board off the bus and I initially thought we were lost but they assured us otherwise.  They even dropped us off right in front of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort's entrance and allowed me to take a picture of their bus before speeding off.

For those who are wondering about our expenses, here's a breakdown:

Taxi from the airport to South Terminal:  Php500.00 for the five of us.
South Terminal taxi entrance fee:  Php10.00 for one taxi
South Terminal passenger terminal fee:  Php25.00 per person
Sunrays bus fare:  Php155.00 per person
Total:  Php282 per person
Please note that normally, taxi fare from the airport to the City would cost only Php300 but since we insisted on taking just one taxi, we agreed to pay the driver Php500.  It's still cheaper than taking two taxis.

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