18 February, 2012

Cang-Isok House

After our lunch at Salagdoong Beach, we continued with our tour and our next stop was at Cang-Isok House, which is  a 200 year old house located along the coastline of Enrique Villanueva.

One has to descend these rickety stairs before reaching the coastline.  See my shadow as I was descending the stairs with my camera at hand? 

The house was indeed a wonder as it was made of wood and yet it survived the onslaught of waves and the wind and the heat of the sun for 200 years. 

According to Noel, its owner left Cang-Isok House some years back but even if the house now shows signs of wear and tear, it is still being used by some fishermen as a rest stop when they go fishing at dawn or return from it.

Going back up to where our tricycle was parked at the roadside, I snapped another photo of the rickety stairs while telling Noel that since this house is part of their usual tour, they should fix these for the safety of not only their tourists but of locals as well who also use these stairs.  

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