17 February, 2012

Love Potion

I found this love potion displayed in Duran's Banana Crackers store.  I actually only noticed it as we were about to leave and the shopkeeper already went back to her house and so I was unable to ask for the price and details.

According to Noel, love potions like this in Siquijor normally cost Php500.00 but he cautioned us against buying this in stores or in any commercial areas like in markets as the items may be counterfeit.  He added that the most effective potions are sold by those from the mountains and these normally cost thousands.  Also, to buy one, the buyer has to see the sorceress himself / herself as the sorceress needs to explain the instructions, chants (orasyon), etc. for it to work.  Noel added that before, love potions and other such items were readily available as those from the mountains would bring them to the market to sell but the government specifically those from the provincial tourism board put a stop to it as they did not want commercialize this.  "And so now," he ended, "i f anyone wants love potions and stuff, the person has to go all the way to the mountain to get it."

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