19 February, 2012

Guiwanon Spring Park Resort

After having coffee at Larena Triad, we proceeded to Guiwanon Spring Park Resort.  At the entrance, we paid Php20.00 before being led to its wooden bridge.

I was actually wondering why it was called a resort but when we reached the tree houses built on mangroves, I realized that indeed, the place offers accommodation options (and cheap ones at that since an overnight stay here is pegged at only Php200.00!)  

I also wondered why it was called a spring park and so Noel pointed this spring to us.

Walking farther from the entrance, I was greeted by this serene view at the point where the freshwater and saltwater met.  

For me, the best part about visiting Guiwanon was seeing its restaurant that was  built on stilts.

I had fun taking these shots when we reached the restaurant.

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