15 February, 2012

The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort

We stayed in this resort for two nights by accident.  We were supposed to check-in at La Playa but since our trip on the 6th got canceled and we were unsure if we could still go, La Playa released our reservation and it was already fully booked when we finally pushed through with our trip on the 7th.

I actually saw The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort's website while I was still doing our itinerary and scouting for places to stay.  As I browsed their website, the first thing that attracted me to it is its unique villas as each has a huge circular glass panel.  Though I found it pretty, my friend decided on La Playa for a night and just look for another accommodation to transfer to when we were already there.

Room Rates
An overnight stay in this resort costs Php2,900.00 but we were given a rate of Php2,500.00 per night when we checked-in since when we were there, they had no cable service.  How's that for a luxury beach resort, huh.

Compared to other resorts, The Danish Lagoon's rate is actually more expensive since it does not include breakfast or pick-up to and from the pier.

The Room
The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort only has about 6 villas so expect privacy when checked-in here.  Below is how its villa typically looks like.

Our room is called The Nightingale.  Like all their other rooms, it's by the cliff and affords us a good view of the sea.

When Yen and I entered the room, we were amazed by this hanging bed.

There's also a smaller bed on the corner as well as a small sofa set.

The bathroom was also pretty spacious though I couldn't help but notice the already discolored old bath mat with its frayed edges.

I also love their tiled floor because it's non-slip.  It had this granule-like texture that even when my feet were wet, I did not feel as if I were in danger of slipping.

The Service
Since there were only a few guests, service is prompt and very personalized.  The local staffs were quite familiar with Yen and me and were very helpful.  Even the Danish owners would smile at us and engage us in small talks, asking us what our itinerary for the day was.

We were the only locals among the guests.  Guests were primarily Danish or Europeans and long-staying but we did not feel as if they were prioritized.  If I may say so, the local staffs were even more accommodating of us, perhaps because we found a common ground with them as the front desk staff and her husband both came from Iloilo (Yen is from Iloilo) and we speak the same dialect (Bisaya).

Our Dining Experience

The resort only has one restaurant called H.C. Andersen's Restaurant.  It's quite popular in the province as we noticed that even guests from other resorts would dine here.

My dining experience was limited to the one dinner and two breakfasts I had here.  I enjoyed my dinner as stated in my previous post though for Php200.00 (the rate is not inclusive of breakfast), I found my breakfast not commensurate to what I paid for.  I will write about them in detail as I go along with my Siquijor blog thread.

The Mermaid
The resort's name and even its restaurant's were obviously a tribute to the Danish lineage of the owners and to cement this, they have this mermaid statue by their beachfront.

A similar statue sits on a rock in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, specifically on its harbor in Langelinie.  It is a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction based on a Hans Christian Andersen's popular fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.

view of The Little Mermaid from our balcony

The Pros
Of the two resorts that we stayed in, this is closest to Siquijor Pier so its location is really strategic.  Please note that there are two piers in Siquijor Province.  One in Siquijor and the other one in Larena.

I love the resort's service.  As one of the staffs said, they're almost a family and this is evident in their smiles and their genuine desire to be of service to their guests.  Truly, when one is happy with what s/he does, it shows.

I also love the room and its interiors.  Though we were unable to fully enjoy its comforts as we were mostly out for our tours, I appreciated the lounger in our balcony.

Despite their small pool, Yen and I enjoyed our night swimming on our second night as we had the pool to ourselves.  The staffs said use of the pool is exclusive to in-house guests.

The Danish Lagoon's garden was also lush.  Below is my best find.

I actually did not know its name but a travel forum I joined identified it as the flower of a passion fruit.

Another pro is the fact that there was security on duty so we felt secure even if we went back to the resort at 10:00 PM.

The cons
Their small beach.  In the mornings that we were there, it was low tide so I could see the rocky shore, some parts of which are muddy that my slippers got stuck the morning I went for a walk.

the whole expanse of their beach

To make up for the small beach, they had a saltwater pool but this too was small that for sure, if all their in-house guests were to use it all at the same time, they wouldn't fit.

The room rates were also expensive considering that they did not include breakfast.  Even the rates on their menu were expensive.  Foreigners may not question it but locals would surely balk at such.

Our sink also got clogged up.

My Final Say
Though our decision to stay here was decided purely on desperation as the other resorts we contacted were also fully booked, I can stay that we did not regret choosing this place.

Over-all, The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort is a good resort to stay in primarily because of its service.  Guests would surely feel the privacy and exclusivity it offers and appreciate its smiling and very helpful staff.
The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach ResortH.C. Andersens Boulevard
Paliton, San Juan, Siquijor
Mobile: +63 908-627-0975
E-mail: info@thedanishlagoon.com
Website: http://thedanishlagoon.com

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