15 February, 2012

Danish Burning Love

We were picked up at the pier and taken to The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort by Noel, the driver that the resort had arranged for us.  Regular charge for pier pick-up is at Php120.00 but they charge Php200.00 during night arrival.  

We arrived at the resort at about 9:30 PM.  I was so hungry that after checking in, we immediately had dinner.

I ordered Danish Burning Love, which is fried bacon and onion on mashed potatoes.

It's one of their signature dishes as while dining, a family passed by and their daughter gleefully exclaimed, "Danish Burning Love!" when she saw me digging my fork into my plate.  She then added, "That's yummy."

And it was.  The bacon they used is homemade.  Thick pieces that do not taste too salty as the ones sold commercially.  The mashed potato is good as it was not too gooey or too dry and tasted of margarine instead of butter.  

And here's a photo of my drinks that perfectly complemented my food:  Ice-cold coke with a funky red straw!

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