18 February, 2012

Lunch at Salagdoong Beach

After my leisurely walk around Salagdoong Beach, we decided to have lunch at the resort's restaurant.

For my viand, I ordered my long-craved Pork Sisig at Php150.00. 

Unfortunately, I did not like it as it was too spicy and even putting calamansi on it did not help.  Good thing Yen and I also ordered Bulalo at Php 170.00 for us to share. 

The Bulalo's soup was okay and the meat was tender but it was not served as hot as I would have liked.  Its vegetables were also overcooked.

If there's one thing that saved an otherwise expensive but not-so-yummy meal, it would be their very delicious and affordable mango shake sold at Php45.00.

It was the yummiest mango shake I ever had as the consistency is just right and tasted of fresh, real mango (I said this as some serve their shakes with additives / sweeteners).  It was such a yummy treat I ended up ordering another glass.

When my second order arrived, the hotelier in me couldn't help but notice the different serving glasses used for my mango shakes.  How's that for standards and consistency, huh. 

Price-wise, it was an expensive meal by Siquijor standards as my computation generated the following figures:

          1 Bulalo                                                            Php   85.00
          2 cups of rice                                                    Php   30.00
          1 Sizzling Sisig                                                 Php 150.00
          2 Mango Shakes                                               Php   90.00
          1 Japanese Beef Steak                                      Php   62.50
                                                                        Total:  Php 417.50

The above is the cost of my share of food.  The Japanese Beef Steak and one of the two cups of rice were for Noel and so their cost along with the Bulalo was shared by Yen and me.    

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