17 February, 2012

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls could easily be Siquijor's most identifiable tourist spot as all their brochures and pamphlets feature this attraction.

As it is farther down the main road, one has to go down a flight of 135 stairs to reach it.  It was tiring but the view was definitely worth the trek.

Interestingly, Cambugahay Falls has three levels and this is the first one.  

After testing the waters and finding it cool but not too cold, I climbed up and found the second level.

The topmost portion is the third level and this for me is the perfect spot to bathe in and go swimming as it's secluded compared to the first and second levels.  The drop of the falls though is not as high as in the other levels. 

While here, this Tarzan of a child was the center of everyone's attention.

First, he would get this vine using a stick, which hang on he falls' first level.  

He would then do some stunts...

...before splashing down the cool waters.

Other visitors actually followed his example and it looked so much fun.  I just couldn't try it myself as I don't know how to swim and so I was afraid I'd drown once I hit the water. 

We spent almost an hour here and when it was time to climb back up the 135 stairs, I had to stop each time I conquered 10 steps as it was so tiring.  Everywhere I look, guests were panting and a couple even doused themselves with water as the stifling heat and the grueling walk could be such a challenge.

"This is killing me," a woman who seemed to be in her forties remarked and I could only sympathize with her as I felt the same way.

I couldn't help but cheer when we were finally back up the main road.  I felt so tired and thirsty I bought a can of coke at Php35.00 to refresh me.

Sipping on it, I took a photo of this signage. 

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