23 February, 2012

Dinner at Coco Grove's Sunset Restaurant

After our sunset moments at Paliton Beach, we went back to the Danish Lagoon to quickly freshen up and leave our things before going to Coco Grove for dinner.

Before dining, Yen and I first checked out Coco Grove and after finding it to our liking, paid for one night accommodation so we could transfer there the following day.

If not an in-house guest of the resort, one has to pay P200.00 entrance fee at the Front Desk, consumable.  After paying for this, we were assisted in going to  Coco Grove's by-the-beach Sunset Restaurant.  I found the location really nice as Yen and I could hear the crashing waves while dining.

For my drinks, I ordered Milk Shake at Php 85.00.  I found it to be not sweet enough.  It also does not taste like Milk Shake at all that mentally, I wished I were at Shakey's indulging in its really yummy chocolate milk shake.

For my main course, I had Chicken Cordon Bleu or breaded chicken fillet stuffed with ham and cheese.  Despite its dip, I found it bland.  At Php 295.00, it was expensive but not satisfying.

As I was unhappy with my drinks and main course, I so looked forward to having my dessert of Siquijor Special.  Priced at Php 95.00, the menu said it's Vanilla Ice Cream with fresh coconut, Siquijor peanuts and caramel sauce.  Unfortunately, I also found it not sweet enough for a dessert and the nuts were not fresh as they were no longer crunchy.  

We also ordered a takeout of Sinigang na Baboy at Php 120.00 for Noel.

Over-all, our dining experience was not really good as the food was so-so and the service was very slow (my stomach was growling as it was already 8:00 PM).  While waiting for our order, we overheard one female attendant say to a companion in the vernacular that there were only the 4 of them.  Gasp!  Four!  And the restaurant was full!  No wonder we saw patrons craning their necks as they waited for their food to be served.

I thought the above was the end of my sad dinner but a worse event came when we had the misfortune of being served by a snooty gay food attendant.  This happened when we asked for our bill and he asked for our room number.  When he saw our receipt for the entrance fee from the Front Desk, he said "Oh, not in-house" with a smirk.

Huh?!  Is it because we were the only locals (well, aside from those who were with their respective foreign companions) in a sea of Caucasian guests and he overheard us talking in the vernacular?  Stung, we replied in perfect English and said we're checking in the following day.  Hmph!

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