16 February, 2012

Island Fresh Milk

When we asked Noel about what the specialties of Siquijor are, he replied "fresh milk."  And so after our visit to the house with Crescencia Fruit, we went to Island Fresh Milk and Dairy Products in Cangmunag, San Juan.

The shopkeeper was very nice and chatty.  She told us that we were her first customers for the day.  She also bemoaned that there's no electricity and so we could not watch them demonstrate how fresh milk is made.  How unfortunate.

Island Fresh Milk's bottled milk comes in 6 flavors namely chocolate, mango, ube, pandan, melon and plain.  Each is sold at Php25.00 each. 

I couldn't resist tasting my favorite flavors ube and mango right then and there and boy, do they taste delicious.

As I relished my milky treats, Yen and I engaged the lady in some idle conversation.  She shared that most resorts in Siquijor also sell their products but at a higher price, say Php50.00.  She also gamely posed for me when she held the chiller's lid that housed her products.

Aside from 6 bottles of milk (I got a flavor each), I also bought yemas at Php35.00 per pack.  Ever the yema-lover, I dug into my pack before taking its picture and so I must settle for a picture of yemas and yoghurt in the shop's refrigerator.

Island Fresh Milk also sells milk bars and cheese but these were out of stock when we were there.

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