16 February, 2012

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

In the country, Ficus benjamina Linn. has always been associated with the uncanny.  As a child, I remember being fascinated by this tree as it was constantly featured in Filipino horror movies and komiks as the home of mystical creatures.  Worldwide, it is said HERE that there are over 800 species of this and more than ten (10) species are found in the Philippines.

In Siquijor, they have such a tree which is said to be a century old.  Based on its height and innumerable roots, it could even be older. 

This balete tree in Siquijor is beside the highway and with a man-made pool though Noel said that the water is being supplied by a spring.  He added that they consider it enchanted as fishes suddenly appeared in the area without anyone knowing where they came from.

There's no entrance fee to see this "enchanted" tree though there is a donation box for those who want to contribute to its maintenance.

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