16 February, 2012

Capilay's Spring Park

Our first stop was at Capilay's Spring Park.  This is located in the Siquijor town of San Juan.

Prior to being here, I thought its name was San Juan de Capilay Lake as gleaned from my research on the web but its signage simply says Capilay's Spring Park.

This attraction actually reminded me of Baguio's Wright Park except that this is not man-made as the water does come from a spring.  The locals just built sheds thus making it into a park where they could go for picnics and cool off from the stifling heat of the sun.  

According to Noel, the water from Capilay's Spring Park comes from a spring.  He took us to a tree on the far right end of the pool and showed us the bubbling surface which he said meant that the water constantly flows from the spring source to the pool.

The Spring Park is also divided into three parts.  The first portion is where the natural spring sits and where locals would take a dip in.  One man was actually swimming when we arrived but left when we started taking pictures.

The second portion is that part with the blue roof by the bridge. 

We were unable to go near it though.

The last portion is the laundry pool, which runs by the road, closer to the beachfront.

It's really such a wonder seeing the clean natural lake made into a pool and the lush trees that surrounded it and I was glad I had seen these for myself.

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