19 February, 2012

Coffee at Larena Triad

After a quick detour to Tulapos Marine Sanctuary, Noel suggested we have coffee at Larena Triad.  Noel explained that the reason it is called Larena Triad is because it is right in the middle of 3 barangays.

We passed by this small forest of mahogany trees going up to what Noel said is Larena's sought-after events destination.

The place was located up a hill and the climb was pretty inclined and so we had to do away with riding Noel's tricycle.  After about ten minutes of tiring walk, we saw this signage. 

Turning to our left, we found this dome structure that's painted white. 

The bar is located to the left (if facing it) of the structure.  There's an entrance fee of Php20.00 for those who would go here only for the view but for those who would order from their restaurant, the entrance fee is automatically waived.

After placing our orders, we proceeded to Larena Triad's view deck...

...and took in these really pretty views of the blue sea and lush greenery.

With the above views, I could only imagine what an intimate and memorable event it would be if held here. 

When my order of Almond Frappe arrived, I gratefully took a few sips but found it too sweet.  I also could not taste the almond at all.  At Php 130.00, it was a pathetic attempt at  trying to serve Starbucks-like coffee.

Oh well.  Good thing the view here compensated for my pricey coffee and the efforts of going here.

Larena Triad is open daily from 10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM.  For inquiries, please call (035) 377-2064 or +63917-322-6729.

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