02 March, 2012

Lugnason Falls

Supposedly, we will checkout at the Danish Lagoon at 9:00 AM, leave our things at Coco Grove then go trekking at Mr. Bandilaan but it rained so we ended up checking out at 12:00 NN.

We then left our things at Coco Grove then once the weather permitted it, proceeded with our half-day tour.

We started with Lugnason Falls, which according to Noel was just recently discovered so it's not as popular as Cambugahay Falls.  Compared to Cambugay Falls though, the trek down Lugnason Falls was easier as we need not hurdle through 135 steps but just walk through rugged terrains though it could still be a challenge since the walkway was craggy.

The view of the falls though was enough to compensate for our efforts.

Lugnason Falls has two stairs.  The one above is the stairs on the front but this is mainly used for going back up as it's better to use the side stairs when going down as it's not as steep.  Below is a photo of the view from the side stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the view deck afforded me with these views.

According to Noel, the government has not yet developed this falls so when we were there, there was still no entrance fees.

Honestly, I found Lugnason Falls prettier than Cambugahay Falls as it has a higher drop.  The only downsides are the color if the water as it's brownish and the fact that here, one cannot go swimming as the basin is not accessible though Noel said over time, this water become clear and it might become swim-able once they have developed it.

I hope they don't overdevelop it though.

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