02 March, 2012

Mt. Bandilaan National Park

After seeing Lugnason Falls, we headed to Mt. Bandilaan National Park.  This man-made forest has a shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Way of the Cross, five natural springs, caves, a butterfly sanctuary and is home to endemic flora and fauna.

Yen and I originally planned to go trekking here but she sprained her foot and I myself was not feeling particularly up to it as my legs were throbbing from all the walking the day before and so we did not go trekking but just drove by the park.

Still, there were areas where the road going down was too slippery as it just rained or the one going up was so inclined that we had no choice but to go down the tricycle and walk to where Noel was waiting for us.  It was an interesting walk, though as the trees and flowers by the road coupled with the many bird songs we heard were quite interesting.

The longer we trekked to where Noel and his tricycle waited for us, the tiring we got as the way up or down was quite steep.  But the view was also getting more interesting.

I actually even saw a Kalaw but it flew away just when I was about to take its photo.  Sigh.

Before leaving Mt. Bandilaan, I took one last photo of this old tree.

Too bad a photo cannot give justice to how old it really looked to us but I was thinking that if such an old tree is at the roadside, how much older are the trees way up Mt. Bandilaan?

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