01 March, 2012

Morning Walk at the Danish Lagoon

Despite staying up late swimming and chatting over our drinks, I woke up at 5:00 AM the following day determined to catch the sunrise.  I woke up too early though as it was still dark outside.

The locals were up early going fishing or harvesting sea urchins.

As it was still too early, I went back to my room then came back to the shoreline at around 5:30 AM.  Sadly, the Danish Lagoon's location did not afford me a good view of the rising sun.

I would have gotten better shots if I were farther up the beach but when I tried going there, my slippers got stuck on the mud so I dared not venture farther from the shore as aside from the sticky mud, I also had to contend with some sea creature (perhaps a shell or an urchin) stinging my feet.

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