01 March, 2012

The Danish Lagoon's H.C. Andersen's Restaurant

After my very early morning walk by the seashore, it rained so I went back to our room then at around 8:00 AM, decided to have breakfast by myself as Yen was still asleep.  

As said in my post about the Danish Lagoon, the resort only has one restaurant and it is called H.C. Andersen's Restaurant.  It actually also served as the resort's front desk as on the left side of the entrance is the receptionist's counter.

Prior to this meal, I dined here twice:  the first time was when I had their very yummy Danish Burning Love and the second time was for breakfast on our second day in the island. What I love about H.C. Andersen's Restaurant was its open-air ambiance. 

They also have a bar with its high chairs.

After taking pictures of the restaurant, I proceeded to ordering 2 sunny side up eggs with ham and rice.

 And for my drinks, fresh orange juice.

As with my first breakfast in this resort, the above meal also cost me Php 2000.00 but it was worth it as the home-y cooking was quite delicious I wondered about who prepared it.  Later, Noel answered this questions when he said that one of the owners of the Danish Lagoon personally prepares the meals serve at H.C. Andersen's Restaurant as she's a chef.

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