04 March, 2012

Siquijor's Island Butterfly Garden

Our next stop after Mt. Bandilaan was Siquijor's Island Butterfly Garden that required a Php 100.00 entrance fee.

The covered garden was smaller than Palawan's Butterfly Garden but the butterfly species here are better as in Palawan, there was too few variety.

Here too, the owner would proudly show you the actual stages of a butterfly cycle rather than conduct a briefing using pictures as what happened to my butterfly watching in Palawan.  Below is a photo of its egg.

Then comes the caterpillar stage.

The striped black and white caterpillar with red dots would of course eventually become the butterfly of the same color in my previous photo while the fat brownish one would become the black and white and yellow butterfly.

After the caterpillar stage is the chrysalis.

And these are again photos of the chrysalis but unlike the above, each chrysalis is already empty.

Below are more random shots taken during my walk around the garden.

Below are my best finds.

I was also charmed by the bird carvings made from coconut husk.  How creative and earth-friendly.

More creatively, there were these carvings of children right outside the garden.

These purple flowers also charmed me.

But not all that I saw  there brought smiles to my face as these photos broke my heart.

According to the owner, when butterflies lose their color and look battered as the butterflies in the above photos, they are already nearing the end of their life span.  How sad.

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