01 March, 2012

Passion Fruit Flower

This really lovely flower is that of a Passion Fruit or Passiflora edulis.  It is the national flower of Paraguay.

According to Wikipedia, it is named as such by missionaries as they find its appearance reminiscent of the Passion of Christ prior to His crucifixion.  For them, the following were the similarities:

The three stigmas reflect the three nails in Jesus's hands and feet.
The threads of the passion flower resemble the Crown of Thorns.
The vine's tendrils are likened to the whips.
The five anthers represented the five wounds.
The ten petals and sepals regarded to resemble the Apostles (excluding Judas and Peter).
The purple petals representing the purple robe used to mock Jesus' claim to kingship (Mt. 27:28)

The above photo was taken at the Danish Lagoon.  It was my first time to see this and so I was particularly charmed by it, as mentioned in my previous post.

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