04 March, 2012

Malay Lacewing

This is my best find in Siquijor's Butterfly Garden.

Butterflies have always fascinated me.  There's something so delicate in how they are and it's interesting to watch them in their gorgeous colors.  And the above happened to be the most beautiful and colorful butterfly that I have ever seen so far.

When I posted this in my Facebook travel group, my professor in college who is a bird and nature enthusiast encouraged me to post it in another Facebook page of butterfly enthusiasts.  There, I was given an ID of this beautiful  creature.

Malay Lacewing or Cethosia hypsea hypsina have forewings that are black with a white subapical band beyond the cell.  Its basal area is orange-red for the male (with the red confined to the base of the wings) and black for the female (with a yellowish-white patch in mid space).  

For more information, click HERE.

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