05 March, 2012

Sunset at Coco Grove, Siquijor

As our table at Salamandas Restaurant was right by the entrance, it afforded us a good view of the setting sun.

From time to time though, I had to leave Yen so I could take better shots as my view was hampered by some coconut trees.

I normally couldn't be bothered when I am having my meal but if the view is as lovely  as the one below, of course, I just couldn't just pass the opportunity to capture it with my trusty camera.

And so I totally abandoned my meal for about 20 minutes as I documented the setting sun.

I watched, amazed, as little by little, the sun descended on the horizon where it would meet the sea.

And left the sky above with stunning shades of yellow and orange.

And later, of shades of orange gold.

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