06 June, 2009

Yahoo! Purple Hunt Market! Market! Mall Tour

Yesterday, my friend and I (together with her husband and her adorable daughter) went to Market! Market! so she can redeem her prize for the purple ticket that she found. I was there because as a Purple Crew member, I was to meet Stephanie of Yahoo! so we (and other Power Users) could later have dinner.

We arrived there at about 05:45 PM and I was pleased to see people crowding around the booth, especially in the area where the Honda car was. My friend claimed her prize (a Yahoo! purple wire organizer) and we then parted ways so she and her family can roam around the mall.

Later, when I met Stephanie and was with Kuya Jimmy, I asked her permission if I could take pictures and she agreed.

In the mall tour, there's the Purple Graffiti Wall where people had fun doodling, writing their thoughts or professing their love (yeah, I actually read the posts there, LOL).

Then there's the really cool Purplize Yourself photo booth. Here, there are purple props that one can use for his pictorial.

Introducing, the "Purple" Hornet. He he he!

There's the Find Purple Game Wall too where the participant will be asked to look for something (i.e. three purple hunt logos, the Honda Jazz car etc). There's a time limit though. Stephanie engaged us in this game by making us look for the three logos and the car. Successful finders in this game can then win prizes.

This booth here is where Purple Hunters can redeem their prizes.

And to cap this blog, below are pictures of what may be the most coveted prize of all - the Honda Jazz car! It was newly doodled as when I arrived there, the ink was still blatantly wet.

So for all of you who have already found the purple ticket, head now to Market! Market! to claim your prize and to enjoy all these really fun activities. The Market! Market! Purple Hunt mall tour will run from June 05 to 07, 2009.

For the complete mall tour schedule, click HERE.

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