04 June, 2009

I Found Two More Purple Tickets!

Last night, I blogged about finding my Purple Ticket. Today, I decided to come up with a blog that will focus on the hunt itself as I have been getting questions about how to find the Purple Ticket, how does it look like, where can one be found and so on.

Finding the Purple Ticket
Purple Hunters can find the ticket either through the micro-site or by scouring through the webpages of Yahoo! products like Answers, Flickr, Messenger and Mail.

1. Through the micro-site. This can be found when one goes to the Yahoo! Philippines front page and clicks on the Yahoo! Purple Hunt banner.

2. Through Yahoo! products. Purple tickets are all over Yahoo! products. But please make sure that you are logged on to Yahoo! Philippines.

As navigating through the Yahoo! products webpages is really up to the user, I will thus focus this blog on "purple hunting" through the micro-site.

First step, click on the purple squares.

For my second Purple Hunt, after about four clicks, I was asked to go to Yahoo! News. The complete direction says, "Psst! Want a tip on where the Purple Tickets can be found? There's one hidden on Yahoo! News. Hurry and grab one for your free Purple gift! Valid from 5th to 18th June 2009."

After clicking on Claim Now, I was directed to the Yahoo! News webpage. My hunt for the Purple Ticket is on. After scanning the page, I immediately spotted the Purple Ticket located on the the upper right side corner of the page.

Buoyed by my second Purple Ticket, I decided to hunt again so I can gain more information about how the hunt really works.

The third time, after randomly clicking on the squares, I was informed that there's one hidden in Yahoo! Answers. The direction was the same as the one I got when I was directed to the Yahoo! News webpage (except for the named Yahoo! product of course). It says, "Psst! Want a tip on where the Purple Tickets can be found? There's one hidden on Yahoo! Answers. Hurry and grab one for your free Purple gift! Valid from 5th to 18th June 2009."

When the Yahoo! Answers webpage appeared, I scanned the entire page and did not immediately spot the ticket. When I scrolled down, I saw the ticket on the lower left side corner of the page. Cool.

After clicking on the ticket, the same registration page also appeared.

As I am part of the Purple Crew who will give out clues and help Purple Hunters, I thus cannot join the Purple Hunt itself.

Why then did I do the hunt? Well, it is because I want to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of the hunt that I may then share whatever I have learned with other Purple Hunters.

By the way, to Anna, a friend who said her eyes are already bleeding and her fingers are starting to fall off from all this hunting, I wish you the best. Hope you'll find more purple tickets today.

Find out about Anna's Yahoo! Answers question about the Purple Hunt ticket HERE.

For questions, feedback or concerns, please feel free to drop me a line or two.

Happy Hunting!


  1. i already have 6, will i be able to use them all?


  2. Ate, totoo po ba yung sa Krispy Kreme?? pano ko po makukuha?

  3. @ pa0-x
    congratulations, pau. :) yes, you can use all 6. please note their validity. but please note too that you can only redeem one ticket each day.

    @ carminaedroza
    thank you for participating. yes. the krispy kreme is real and a valid offer. to claim this, you have to print the yahoo! philippines front page (do not forget to print a copy of your "successful purple ticket registration") and bring BOTH with you during the purple tour.

    i am coming up with an FAQ about the purple ticket and will post it later.

    stay tuned!

  4. is it reaaly important to keep those tickets?

  5. @ gladycare18
    you will be asked to surrender the print out of the ticket when you redeem your purple prize.

    just keep the ticket in your inbox for reference.

    thanks for dropping by.