17 June, 2009

Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt Phase 2 - Purple Cameras Up For Grabs!

Phase 2 of the Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt started yesterday and many Purple Hunters said that they have already guessed the answer to our clues. For those who are still groping in the dark, below are more clues for you.

Camera #1 - Clues - Yahoo! Purple Hunt Phase 2
Question: Where can I find the camera?
1. The location has a color in the name of the mall (not purple!)
2. The camera is in a mall owned by the Zobel de Ayala family.
3. There are new photos in Flickr that might give you more clues. Please click HERE for the link to the said pictures.
4. It is in an internet café that is one of the biggest Internet chains in the Philippines.

When you think you know where camera #1 is hidden, go to our microsite found at http://ph.yahoo.com/ and input your answer.

As we have been getting a lot of questions about how the microsite works and where the answer has to be placed, below is a step-by-step process, complete with screenshots.

Step 1. In the microsite, click on Hunt for Clues (found at the left side corner, under Shortcuts). This will direct you to the page below.

Step 2. Click on the squares (specifically, the puzzle pieces). Don’t fret when this message prompts up: Not so fast, Purple Hunter. This prize will be unlocked on _____, as shown below.

This is a treasure hunt so clues will not be given in one go. Some clues will be unlocked on certain dates and you have the option to click on Remind Me for a notification to be sent to you.

Step 3. Once you have clicked on the correct square, the clues will appear, as pictured below.

Clues will be given on a daily basis and getting the correct answer gets easier as the phase progresses. Clues also become easier to decipher. Yesterday, only three photos (pictured earlier) were given as clues. When I checked today, there are three additional photos (detailed below) to further help out our Purple Hunters.

You can guess as many times as possible. If you get the wrong answer, you will not be able to register and a prompt comes up for you to try again. The prompt says, "Sorry, your hunt has been unsuccessful this time (a)round. But keep that purple spirit alive and try again."

Remember too that the full address of the location is needed. Purple Hunters can give their answers to the clues in different variations, like 4th Level or Level 4 so long as it's the full address in the right order that we do it, which is building floor, building, street, barangay, city. It's not case sensitive so no worries about that. The format of the answer to the first clue is below:

Level, Mall Name, City

And when you are ready to give your answer, just input it in the space provided and click on Submit Answer Now (both fields are encircled in yellow).

If your guess is right, a prompt that says "Congratulations, Purple Hunter! You've found the exact location." will appear.

Once you click on "Claim your prize now!" a registration form will prompt up after your account has been verified.

The form will require you to to input your full email address, your first and last names and your mobile number. You also have the option to receive Yahoo! emails about the Purple Hunt. It is mandatory though that you click on agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and signifying your understanding of the nature of the contest.

Below is a screenshot of the Terms and Conditions for this phase. For details, please click HERE.

After clicking on the I Confirm button of the registration form, a "registration complete" message will then prompt up and inform you that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address.

The confirmation email looks like this.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Purple Crew. Just click on the specific Yahoo! product listed below and it will direct you to the Purple Crew's account in that product.

Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo! Profile

Happy hunting, everyone!


  1. Can i still hunt even if i already find the correct answer and received the confirmation email? How many times can i register for 1 digital camera?

  2. Hello.

    For this phase, it is one entry per person. Once you have already received the confirmation letter for a particular camera (i.e. camera # 1), then you already have an entry for that camera.

    There are 6 cameras to be raffled off though so you may hunt for the location of all six cameras so you can have an entry for each of them. You may win just once though.

    The location of camera # 2 is the one being guessed right now. Here are the clues:

    Question: Where can I find the camera?
    1. It’s North of the city of Manila and at the left bank of the Pasig River.
    2. Unscramble KIMMICG to find the name.

    Send in your entry now for camera # 2.

    Happy hunting! :)

  3. i guessed the location of camera 5 and clicked on "claim my prize" that should lead to the registration form. i am only getting a white blank page that only says loading one moment please.

  4. @ lurline
    hello. :) you may be having problems with your internet connection. i just tried registering for the 5th camera and my registration pushed through. please clear your cache and try again. let us know if you're still having problems. :)

  5. it says that today is the start of hunting for the Digital SLR, but all the clues are for the car. wtf is up??

  6. @ Nikki
    If you have finished your registration, you will be given instructions on how to get a chance to win the Canon Digital SLR. You may want to read my blog about Phase 4 too for details. Thanks. :)