03 June, 2009

Krispy Kreme "Purplized" Doughnuts

We left the Yahoo! Purple Hunt unveiling at around 9:00 PM. We bid goodbye to Lynn who ushered us out of the venue. Outside, Purple Crew members were given a box of “purplized” Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Awesome!

At home, I immediately opened the box and was delighted to find the purple doughnuts. They looked tempting and yummy!

I offered them to Kat, a housemate and friend. She found it delicious. A photographer, it was Kat who took these pictures. Thanks, girl.

The next day, I brought the remaining doughnuts to the office and my colleagues were all amazed at the “purplized” doughnuts. My boss also liked it, especially because she popped her share into the microwave and afterwards, dug into the soft, chocolate-y, purple-topped doughnuts. As for me, I love everything – from the color and the taste. Absolutely a treat to have!

So for all of you who want this yummy treat, log on to Yahoo! Philippines’ front page and start hunting! It’s so easy and more fun when it’s purple!

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