10 June, 2009

Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt TV Ad

I saw the Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt TV ad twice last night while my friends and I were watching TV and thought it's pretty cool.

To watch the video, click HERE.

Happy hunting!

Edited post as the original post's video link got deleted and now since I am having problems in embedding the video, I decided to just post the updated link.


  1. Girl, the video is not available daw =(
    Uy see you sa Transformers! =)

  2. i've just been reading your entries about the purple hunt... i saw the tvc some days ago, but i never really found time to figure out what it's about. after reading your blog, i want to join!

  3. @ ate janette
    saw your email on this one. no further comment. LOL. i'll edit my post later. so sorry. been so busy lately. yup, see you at the transformers premier! whee! am excited to see you again.

    @ iamshallow
    glad to know that my blog has been of help. it's a fun promo. please do join. i'll post the clues in a while. :)

    happy hunting!