06 November, 2008

Come to where the view is great

Our second day in Palawan started with our waking up early to prepare for our Underground River tour. I still was sleepy so I slept in the van. Nearly an hour after, I woke up not because I wanted to but because the ride got bumpy. Ate Alma, our tour guide, explained that the road to the Underground River had not been totally fixed. True enough, we saw some men working on it. She also said that the road used to be hell that the now two hour drive used to be a half day travel. Whoa.

Not appreciating being bounced back and forth like some ball, I curled up in the back seat (I had it all to myself) and plugged in my iPod as Manong Driver was playing really corny, barriotic songs (trust me, you don't wanna know the songs' titles. Besides, I myself don't know what some of those songs were).

Later, we had a stopover in Buenavista viewdeck. The view is really great! I was told that what I was seeing was the South China Sea. I took my camera out and snapped some photos. Lovely.

Don't you just love the view of the sea and all these greenery with the azure sky and scurrying cottony clouds as their background?

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  1. Hey Kid, loving the pics! hey, thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, I appreciate it. take care.