20 November, 2008


Okay, a definition of terms first.
landmark: Noun. A prominent or conspicuous object on land that serves as a guide; A prominent identifying feature of a landscape. (definition taken from dictionary.com)

Landmark: Noun (proper). A mall in Makati.
Working in the sales and marketing department of a hotel, we go out for client meetings at times. Sometimes, we also visit travel agencies when they request for contracted rates. This is to ensure that the travel agency is an established one and not a fly-by-night tour operator.

One day, I was scheduled to visit a travel agency. I called first to verify its address and ask for directions.

Me: Hi. This is (my name) from (name of company). I am scheduled to visit your office today. May I have your complete address, please?

Travel Agent: (in Filipino) Ma’am, our address is (states their address).

Me: Okay. May I ask for the nearest landmark to your office?

Travel Agent: (in Filipino) But Ma’am, we are very far from Landmark.
What?! Good heavens. I hope he is not like that to his clients else he will make a mess of their itineraries.

Of course I do not mean Landmark the mall. I mean the nearest known establishment or building to their office so I can easily pinpoint their location. Geez.


  1. ha ha ha ... just like when you ask somebody: How do you find it here? And he/she would reply: It is easy, I took a taxi from the airport... tee hee!!

  2. @ carnation
    he he he! don't you just hate it when you ask for directions and people will tell you to just ride the cab?

  3. yes, as if the cab driver knows his way around; of course we expect that, too. the more knowledgeable one would also know how to move around and get the most of the meter. i experienced one time i was the one giving directions to the driver coz he was new to the area.