10 November, 2008

Err... Just another amusing phone call :P

I had another funny phone call today.
Caller: (in the vernacular) Good morning. May I please speak with _____ (name of my colleague).

Me: I am sorry, Ma'am but _____ is currently engaged in another phone conversation. How may I help you?

Caller: Oh.

Me: Would you like to leave a message? Or would you rather have a return call?

Caller: (after 3 seconds of silence). Can I not speak with her now?

Me: Ma'am, as I said, she is currently attending to another guest. Of course, you can not speak with her yet. Are you willing to wait? Because if you are, the moment she's done with her ongoing call, I'll transfer your call to her.

Caller. Okay.
LOL. Pray tell me. How can one speak to a person who is otherwise engaged in another phone conversation?

Oh, yeah, via a conference. That is, if all callers are concerned about something. In my caller's case though, she obviously isn't concerned in my colleague's ongoing conversation with a different guest so a conference won't work.

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  1. just wanted to say thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. take care!