05 November, 2008

BPI makes amends… too late

So there is still something (or rather, someone) good left in BPI’s lousy customer service. Minutes after I blogged about how its customer service sucks, I received a phone call from L. Hmm, they must have heard the voice mail I left - the one that reeked of sarcasm out of sheer frustration over their inability to act on my request despite my follow-ups.

L updated me on the status of my case. He said they are still working on it. I promptly told him to please do so and just keep me posted. I also relayed to him how it was too difficult for me to get hold of a CSR that I’d given up on trying to contact them. He apologized.

Wednesday, the 5th of November. At around 3PM, I got a call from BPI. It was L. He was calling to inform me that the chargeback had been facilitated. I said I would check later and sincerely thanked him.

After office hours, I proceeded to a BPI ATM. True enough, there’s a Php7,000 chargeback to my account. Finally.

Sometimes, it takes just one person to make a difference and in BPI’s case, this is so true. L was the only one who was able to help me with my request.

But there are still questions on my mind. Would he have acted on my case if I hadn’t been persistent? And reasonably demanding (hey, they don’t walk their talk and I only became demanding when I have had enough) about it? Would BPI have given me the time of day if I myself did not insist on a concrete action? Why had it taken too long? Why let the customer complain before cleaning up their act? Instances such as my flaring up would have been avoided if they were upfront about it and they did what had been promised to me. Simply put, they should have meant what they said. And acted upon it.

In fairness to BPI, they did act upon it. Too bad they acted too late.

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  1. I so envy you. I called them back (after three banking days) and apparently, the agent I spoke with graduated from a diploma mill and didn't have my story right. after explaining what happened for what felt like the fifty millionth time, they said they'd get back to me in another 3 banking days.

    "In fairness to BPI, they did act upon it. Too bad they acted too late."

    If they don't resolve this before I run out of money, they're gonna have one angry customer in their hands.