18 November, 2008

Snapshots taken on our way to the Underground River

These pictures were taken during our trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. While in the outrigger boat, I had fun taking pictures of the beach. It was a wonderful day. There were the blue sky and the sunny weather to complement my cheerful mood.

Oh well, I just love the waters... and the sky... and the greenery. I love nature... Too bad I can't be surrounded by it in the city. :(

Thank heavens for trips such as this.


  1. those cliff side pictures are amazing.

  2. grabe ang ganda! sosyal ka milai! punta pala ako nang manila next wk. 1 wk ako dun. training ko sa ateneo CORD for instructional design :)

  3. @ j
    indeed. some were kind of blurry though as they were taken while i was in the outrigger boat so i had to "zoom" my camera.

  4. @ jules
    ngek, paano naman ako naging sosyal. LOL. ikaw ang sosyal. ateneo, huh. :P