20 September, 2011

Of General Cleaning and Finding our Palawan Tour Guide's Contact Details

The best part about doing a general cleaning is finding things I forgot about or do not even know I own.  Te he!  That's my usual realization every time I engage myself in this tiring yet rewarding task.

I am due for a week-long vacation in Aklan on the 22nd and so today, I rummaged through my closet, cabinets, drawers and boxes to look for things I bought a few months back for my loved ones.  True enough, I found a malong for my mom, shirts for my dad and brothers and nieces, unused bottles of perfume, cologne and lotions for the female members of the family, toys and books for kids and an unopened box of an iPod shuffle, which is a freebie received when I bought my Canon Powershot G12 last December.  I packed all these, gleeful that I now have more pasalubong for them.

Among my finds is a calling card of our tour guide when we went to Palawan in 2008.  Most of the comments and e-mails I receive on this blog is about that trip and so I am posting Ate Alma's contact details here.
Alma D. dela Rosa
Mobile: +63921-437-0599 (Smart)
             +63917-545-0265 (Globe)
E-mail: aldrosa21@yahoo.com
I am not sure though if the above is still updated so I might as well add the travel agency that she is connected to.
Sanctuary Tours and Travel
Room 203, 2/F Corporate Center Building
Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa
Palawan Philippines
Telefax: +63948-434-8363
24-hour number: +63948-434-7673
Mobile: +63926-701-5269
E-mail: sanctuarytours@yahoo.com
And I also found photo of her.  I remember asking for her permission to post her photo in my blog so I might as well post this here.

Ate Alma during our Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

To add as this is also one of this blog's frequently asked questions, we only availed of the city tour and the Underground River Cruise from Ate Alma.  Our island hopping was arranged on our own, as said here.

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