18 September, 2011

I am Back

After more than a year of not posting in this blog, I decided to blog back.  Sorry for the very long hiatus.  I got busy with work.  I was promoted to Duty Manager in the hotel that I work for and the demands of my new position took its toll on me and so the past year was spent learning the ins and outs of hotel operations.  My love affair with blogging and writing was thus relegated to the sidelines.

Also, the past year, I got busy sating the wanderlust in me.  My job was kind of stressful and so whenever I had time, I traveled.  I had been to Bohol, Camotes Island and Hong Kong.  I had also gone home to Aklan and visited Manila.  After these travels, my work would take much of my time and so I failed to update this blog on my adventures and misadventures.

As much as I want to continue this blog from where it ended, which is on my Singapore trip, I cannot since last June of this year, my laptop crashed down and everything on my hard disk got wiped out.  Sniff.  Sniff.    About two years worth of travel pictures and blog drafts went down the drain.  Some of my pictures were actually already posted in Facebook but my heart breaks for the total loss of my Sagada, Bohol, Bangkok and Villa Escudero trips photos, including the random shots I had with my loved ones and friends. 

Oh well, I guess it was a reminder for me to always have a backup for all of my files, which I now have, by the way.

That said, from hereon, this blog starts anew.

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