18 September, 2011


I am on graveyard shift today and the staffs and I had a bellyful of laughter because of our incident with "alcohol."

At past midnight, our telephone operator radioed our housekeeping staff if we have "alcohol."  The latter answered they had none so I radioed back and said Front Office has a bottle of "alcohol" that we can provide to guests who were asking for it.  It's already half-consumed though so I added that if the guests want, they can buy a new bottle tomorrow at our souvenir shop.

And so I asked the bellman to deliver the GREEN CROSS ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL a.k.a. "alcohol" to the guest's room.  But the bellman came back laughing.  As it turned out, the Japanese guests want ALCOHOLIC DRINKS and so he just directed them to our restaurant.  But what amused us further was the fact that when the bellman was about to give them the "alcohol" that he brought with him, one of the guests said, "Can we drink?"


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