28 November, 2009

Cebu to Singapore

This post is actually a year late since my trip to Singapore happened in 2008. I decided to still post though to capture my Singapore moments in pictures and writing.

I was sent to Singapore on business. As our main office is in Cebu, I had to take the Manila – Cebu flight, stay overnight in our hotel and in the morning, meet my colleague at Mactan International Airport so we can take our Silk Air flight to Singapore.

The waiting at the airport

The waiting at the lounge wasn’t that long as the plane was on time. I was also kept entertained as the lounge had free Wi-Fi so I spent most of my free time surfing the worldwide web.

The Airline

We were told by our travel agent that there are no direct flights from Cebu to Singapore via Singapore Airlines so we had to take Silk Air. Silk Air is actually a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. As its regional wing, Silk Air primarily caters to the Southeast Asia, South Asia and China markets.

The Silk Air Experience

I like the fact that the flight was on time since majority of my experience with local airlines (Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific) involve delays.

Another positive experience was the food. The chicken I had was delicious and I appreciated the fact that they served fruits for dessert.

The downside was that the airline was small and a little cramped and its in-flight entertainment’s pretty much boring. I thus resolved to reading its magazine and later, when the go-signal was given, turning on my laptop and playing Bookworm since Jid, my companion, opted to sleep.

As for the service, the flight attendants were all attentive and nice. It was by far my best trip aboard an airline.

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