20 February, 2010

Changi International Airport

If I were amazed by my fun flight from Cebu to Singapore via Silk Air, I became more amazed when we arrived at the Changi International Airport. The place was very modern and clean and unlike the Philippines’ airports, was sprawling. There were quite a number of conveyor belts, with each area beautifully decorated with a huge pot of exotic purple orchids.

Changi International Airport also has numerous shops, money changers and telephone and visitor information booths. We were in such a rush though that I was not able to take some pictures as after exchanging our currencies, we just filled in the tourist’s information sheet, had our passports stamped then headed to where the driver who would drop us off our hotel was.

Despite the rush though, I couldn’t resist stopping at some beautiful gardens found inside the airport and snapping a couple of pictures. The last one’s simply stunning!

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