26 February, 2010

Black Pepper Udon & God-knows-what-else for Dinner

It was already dark when we arrived at Carlton Hotel Singapore and Jid and I were already very tired and hungry. Zen, our Singaporean friend who fetched us from the airport, suggested that we eat first so that we could then rest.

Finding a place to eat was not a problem because there were a lot of restaurants near the hotel. We did not want to wait long though and so we settled to eating in this place where they served cheap and filling meals. Zen assured us that eating in such a place was safe so I relented. I forgot what the place was called though but if it were here in the Philippines, it would be called a turo-turo. The only glaring difference was that each store had a menu posted on one big board.

I am not really fond of eating Chinese food but I am also not a picky eater so I left the ordering to Zen. I did not know the names of what he ordered but they were all good. Well, except for the pork with broth because it tasted bland and the pork was almost all fat.

This one fascinated me. It’s egg with soy sauce and other seasoning for its broth. It was not as good as our homemade adobong itlog but it was by far the best among those we had.

Though I barely knew what I ate that night, I had fun basically because I view discovering a country’s gustatory delights as another fun part of traveling.

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