07 November, 2009

The Rainbow

It’s been so long since I saw a rainbow. The last time was maybe when I was still a high school student in my province and that’s like a decade ago. The past nine years, when I was still in Manila, I used to wonder why I had never seen any rainbow there. Maybe all the smog (smoke and fog) in Manila’s atmosphere obscured any sight of it.

Imagine my glee then when today, as I was doing my rounds in the hotel that I work for, I saw the rainbow - beautiful in its arch and colors. The scene was made even more beautiful by the fact that its backdrop was the famous saltwater lagoon of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. Too bad I only had my camera phone at that time thus in the pictures that I took, the rainbow's not clearly defined.

I love rainbows. For me, it’s not just an aesthetic gift. It is also a reminder that like nature’s way of having the rainbow after the rain, we as well can look forward to something beautiful after we have triumphed over life’s trials.

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